Recent and ever-evolving changes in reimbursement are shifting priorities in healthcare.  Instead of increasing the volume of services, the new healthcare world requires improving quality of care, forcing hospitals and providers to focus on key issues such as hospital acquired infections (HAIs), 30-day readmissions, and CMS-driven value-based quality and performance metrics.

With OpisoftCare’s real-time predictive analytics, you have the ability to identify and proactively address problems, decreasing your costs and increasing your organization’s performance ratings.  Imagine predicting who will develop HAIs such as ventilator-associated pneumonia (which costs $50K per occurrence), or predicting which patients will be readmitted with the same diagnosis in 30 days or require a repeat surgery (which costs tens of thousands of dollars).  OpisoftCare also gives you the intelligence required to maximize CMS value-based purchasing bonuses.  Furthermore, OpisoftCare also enables your organization to improve operational efficiency in key areas including the OR, ED and ICU.

How does OpisoftCare work?  Our rules engine constantly aggregates and structures data from multiple sources, and our proprietary NLP engine performs true text analytics from unstructured data, providing access to the 80% of relevant clinical data not currently included by competitors.

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