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Hospitals and health systems face increasing pressure to improve quality and efficiency of care while reducing the overall cost of care delivery.
This is driven by initiatives such as bundled payments and value based purchasing which directly link reimbursement to improvements in clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction, and reductions in hospital acquired infections and re-admissions.
OpisoftCare real time population analytics
A real time cognitive platform that combines clinical Natural language and text analytics processing transforming text to structure data,real time algorithms platform that provides clinical decision-support and predictions about the patient medical state (Hospital Acquired Infections, readmission probabilities and more), and learning capabilities that continuously and iteratively evaluate the results to improve the outcome.


U2I unstructured to insight

 OpisoftCare’s next generation of Healthcare  Analytics software is built around its innovative Unstructured to Insights (U2I) system. U2I focuses on solving complex big unstructured data challenges via state-of-the-art use of Clinical text analytics, and is able to sift through millions of documents, automatically converting unstructured data into accessible and meaningful structured data in real-time.